Call for Papers for Philosophy & Technology’s Special Issue on the Philosophy of Computer Games

Following the Sixth International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games in Madrid, Spain from 29th to 31st January 2012 (, organized by ArsGames (, a special issue of Springer’s Philosophy & Technology journal ( is now being planned. It will contain a selection of recently revised, peer reviewed articles from the Philosophy of Computer Games international conference series. Previous conferences in the series have been held in Copenhagen, Reggio Emilia, Potsdam, Oslo & Athens.

• Authors who have presented a paper at a Philosophy of Computer Games conference are invited to submit an original, recently revised, version of their paper.

• Other interested authors are invited to submit original papers related to the topics mentioned below.

• All submissions will be double-blind, peer reviewed according to usual standards.

• Papers submitted for this Call must not have been published previously in academic journals or article collections, including proceedings of the 2008 and 2009 Philosophy of Computer Games conferences online or in print with ISSN/ISBN codes. However, submissions may be new elaborations of ideas previously developed in such publications, as long as they represent new, original papers.


Computer games and conceptions of reality; ontological status of game objects and events; computer game entities, metaphysical issues; epistemological foundations of game studies; player identity, perceptual experience; ethical and political issues in game design and consumption; experiential, interactional, cognitive dimensions of gameplay; ethical responsibilities of game-makers; ethical norms in gaming contexts; the “magic circle” of games and actions/interactions transcending it; fictionality and interaction; defining computer games; player-avatar identity; player identity and conceptions of self; identity and immersion; imagination and interpretation; world, space and experience; technology, process, experience; time experience in gameplay; embodiment, emotion and player experience; aesthetics, ethics and player experience, “gamification”.


September 15th 2012: Deadline papers submissions

December 15th  2012: Deadline reviews papers

February 15th 2013: Deadline revised papers

Summer 2013: Publication of the special issue


To submit a paper for this special issue, authors should go to the journal’s Editorial Manager (EM)

The author (or a corresponding author for each submission in case of co-authored papers) must register with EM.

Authors must select article type: “SI on PCG” from the pull-down list during the submission process. This is necessary for assignment of submissions to Guest Editors.

Submissions will be assessed according to the following procedure:

New Submissions > Journal Editorial Office > Guest Editors > Reviewers > Reviewers’ recommendations > Guest Editors’ recommendations > Editor-in-Chief’s final decision > Author Notification of Decision.

The process will be reiterated in case of requests for revisions.

For any further information please contact:

Patrick Coppock

Anita Leirfall

Olli Leino