New Site is Now Online has finally been upgraded. There is still a lot to be done and there are undoubtedly many bugs in the system. Any feedback to @siteadm is very welcome. The next time I have the time to work on the site will probably be in June. I will add members gradually to try out the system.

I have made a Facebook page as well as a Twitter account for the project.

If you are a member, please submit a post to the front page. It may be a publication, a seminar or anything else you think is relevant. When it is released by the siteadm a post will also be made to Facebook,Twitter and an email list. Due to the possible spam factor I have opted not to include automatic notifications of news items to the members, so if you want updates per email you must subscribe to the list from the front page.

Not much is done yet on the bibliography, but please add references if you are a member. The bibliography is supposed to be annotated, but it is certainly possible to add references without annotations.

I have added a great deal of videos and most of the manuscripts we have are available. We are still missing videos from Reggio-Emilia, Athens and from a single day in Madrid. Many of these are unfortunately lost. The videos from Istanbul are not out yet.