Ludo-Ontology Panel on Digra

digra logoA discussion panel about game ontologies will be held on the DIGRA conference. From the event abstract:

Do we need ludo-ontologies, and what are they? In this event several scholars of games and videogames discuss these questions from a variety of perspectives. What different game and videogame ontologies exist and could exist, and why they are important for game and videogame research?

The following scholars have agreed to participate the event: Pawel Grabarczyk (“Games Within Games: How to Properly Individuate Game Modes?”), Stefano Gualeni (“Augmented Ontologies and Games”), Jesper Juul: (“A Mobile Army of Ontologies”), Veli-Matti Karhulahti (“Videogame Geneontology”), Olli Leino (“Games as Played: a First-Person Ontology”), Ivan Mosca (“Socio-Ontological Tools for Game Analysis”), John Sageng (“Agential Properties and the Individuation of Game Objects”), and Jose Zagal: “Practical and Pragmatic Aspects of Ontologies and Games.”

The organizers are Ivan Mosca and Matti Karhulati.

Date:16.05, time: 11.15 am to 01.15pm

For more information see the program.