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6th Conference – The Nature of Player Experience

The next conference will be held in Madrid, January 29th-31st 2012. After the last conference in Athens we received an offer from Eurídice Cabañes from Arsgames to host the next event.  Olli Leino from City University Hong Kong agreed to head the new program committee. The call for papers is out, with deadline for submission October 1st. The conference will be held in conjunction with the Madrid Game Conference.

Welcome to the New Site

After organizing seminars on the philosophy of computer games for half a decade, it is time that the initiative got its own site. This site will provide updates about the main events and links to the previous initiatives. For the time being, we will keep the ambitions for the site modest. Funding efforts are in the works, and at some point in the future this site may provide the network with more substantial resources for the study of the philosophy of games.