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Organizing philosophical talks with people from the game industry at Todai

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    Frederic Seraphine

    I was wondering if it would be possible to organize talks at Todai (and record them) with people from the Japanese game industry in the name of Game Philosophy Network?
    The fact is, inviting people from the game industry at Todai might be difficult to do if I do it in the name of just one laboratory.
    But doing it in the name of research group could give more significance to this interdisciplinary philosophical talk on videogames.
    I would have the possibility to organize a talk about AIs with people from a famous Japanese RPG company. I would also be able to organize that with the support of the student body government. Do you think it’d be possible to organize that as a “Game Philosophy Network” event, film it, and put it on the group’s website?

    Best regards,


    Stefano Gualeni

    Dear Frederic, from the outline of your proposition it would appear that the involvement of the Game Philosophy Network would be
    – purely nominal (there would not be any actual involvement apart from agreeing to letting you use the name), and
    – not strictly relevant to the topic at hand (from your summary I infer that it will be a series of technical and practice-oriented talks, rather than reflections on AI from the point of view of – say – philosophy of mind, phenomenology, philosophy of technology)

    Am I correct in my assumptions? In case I am not, I think it would be useful (for the sake of this discussion) if you could integrate your initial email with more detailed information about the events and your thoughts concerning the involvement of the community.


    John R. Sageng

    Hello Frederic

    This sounds interesting, but like Stefano I think it would be good to hear more about the event. At the very least, it must have clear philosophical content, as Stefano says in the form of philosophy of mind, phenomenology, philosophy of technology and so on.

    Furthermore, you are new the network, so it would absolutely be best if we talked about this in person. I think it would need some involvement from the old-timers in order to use associate such an event with the existing work that has been done..

    Thanks for using this forum, btw! It hasn’t really been used before, but that is indeed why it is here. But some practical issues are raised about email notification, which I just turned down. I’m making a new post about that now. (I’m writing your user names to trigger instant email notification @stefanogu @fredericser)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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