Information for members

The aim of the member directory

An important aim of the member directory is to show what people are working on in relation to game philosophy. Please keep a complete and up to date member profile. Use a clear and straightforward photograph which is suitable for a “formal” membership directory and which enable people to recognize you on conferences.

Discussion forums

As there have been no other meeting places than the conferences, we hope that it will be possible to create an online community for our subject. Please use the Public Common Discussion Forum to initiate a discussion on a topic you are working on, to present an idea for theme, to ask how things are going with the project and so on. Discussion will not happen by itself. If you would like to see active discussion consider being the one to make a post.

As a subscriber you are automatically subscribed to the “General discussions”-forum. You can change the notification settings if the forum becomes too busy.

What you can do as a member

Your membership gives you certain abilities within the site.

1. You can make new discussion forums for a special topic, a seminar, or a working group. It is possible to make the forum private. However, due to a bug you must first create the group as as public, and after that make it private. If you discover this too late, just delete the group and try again.

2. You have editing rights to certain pages on the site, for example “Bibliography”.  When you visit the page you should see a “edit” symbol beside the title when you are logged in. It is possible to pull references from citation manager like Zotero to the text. If you need a page on the site, contact siteadm.

You have access to all such pages via the “Dashboard”. Click on the “The Gamephilosophy network” on the left hand side of the top navigation bar when you are logged in, choose “Dashboard” and then “Pages”. You can edit the “Bibliography” page by clicking on it.

3.  You can post news to the front page. Click on the “The Game Philosophy Network” on the left hand side of the top navigation bar when you are logged in, choose “Dashboard” and then “Posts”, and “Add New”. The post will also be sent to the email list which people can subscribe to as well as the Facebook page and the Twitter account for the project. Please consider posting a news item if you have a recent publication relevant to game philosophy.

4. You can send personal messages to other members using the right-hand menu.

Do you want to become a member?

The network is still informally organized, so there are no clear criteria at this point for membership other than some documentation of research-level engagement with computer games and/or philosophy. If you would like to become a member, contact @siteadm with a few words about your work or your studies. Note that membership might be subject to some sort of formal approval in the future.

Technical user information

If you use same the email address for this site as you use for either Google-services or for Facebook (your password at this site can be whatever you like) it will be possible to log in using these accounts. It is also possible to change your email address at this site in your settings after the account was created.

Editing of your profile is available via the menu on the top right hand side when you are logged in.  An example profile (a fictive test user) is found here. The profile page may be edited by siteadm to ensure conformity with the other profiles.


It will take some time before the site is fully functional. Siteadm will add users gradually and try out various features. Each new change tends to uncover bugs or create unwanted behavior.