Andrea Majoran




Institutional affiliation

Dublin Institute of Techology


Assistant professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Having a background in virtue ethics, my primary interest in computer games concerns how play affects the character of the player. The interface with deontological approaches to player actions is also important, albeit as as a source for opposing views to those I hold myself. In several publications I have attempted to elucidate the normative aspects of player behaviour in traditional psychological studies on game-playing.

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Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“Understanding Player Character”. Presentation on the Videogames and Education Conference, Seattle, 2008.
“Ethical Presuppositions and Statistical Methodology in Studies on Player Behavior”. Article in Journal of Empirical Psychology, Vol 22, Issue 3, 2011.
“Player Behavior and Deontological Norms”. Article in Journal of Asian Philosophy, Vol 11, Issue 1, 2013.


ethics, epistemology, psychology


Andrea Majoran


philosophy, psychology, game studies