Constantinos Miltiadis




Institutional affiliation

Institute Of Architecture and Media, Faculty of Architecture, TU Graz


University Assistant

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Coming from an architectural background, my current research focuses on the function of space in digital environments as the intersection between architectural and spatial practices with videogame design and gameplay as practice. Borrowing from both theory and design, I am working on developing an analytical framework for an operational ontology of navigable environments, based on the fundamental aspects of their spatial constitution, as a case of being-in-the-world, upon a generalization of lived environments, real and artificial, where spatial conditions function as a proto-narrative construction, and gameplay is formed by the allowed degrees of freedom, as contingency on ergodic space.
Furthermore, I am interested in the aesthetic potential of digital spaces in exploring latent sensory capacities which are impossible to tap into or stimulate in the physical world.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“Project Anywhere: An Interface for Virtual Architecture.” International Journal of Architectural Computing 14, no. 4 (October 7, 2016): 386–97.

“Daphne’s Diary” Concept design for interactivem location-based, historical, audio narrative Geocaching tours, Cyberparks COST Action, The Cyprus Institute, November 2017
“VR playful art” Exhibition of student VR works at Kunsthaus Graz, September 1st 2017
“Timescales of Architecture.” Lecture at the Signale soirée, Institute of Electronic Music, Kunst Uni Graz, May 29, 2017.
“Architecture as a complex number” Presentation at UCL Plexus Paris, November 2016
“Virtual Architecture” Presentation at iLab, USC
“project Anywhere” A platform for multi-user, full-body and gesture interactive framework for wireless VR (CAAD, ETHz 2014)


game studies, architecture, space, gamespace, navigability, spatiotemporal environments, mathematics, geometry, spatial intelligence


Constantinos Miltiadis


architecture, computational design, game design, philosophy