Frederic Seraphine




Institutional affiliation

The University of Tokyo


Ph.D. Candidate

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Having a background in Game Design, I’m trying to understand gameplay through Semiotics. My goal is to theorize a language of gameplay, the semiotics of interaction itself, in order to empower game designers to tell deeper stories without relying on the use of cut-scenes. I have a strong interest in the emotional potential of gameplay, whether it deals with positive or negative feelings. I’m also studying the recent advances in machine learning and AIs in order to understand how it will change the way we tell stories in videogames in the future.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“The Ludic Framework: A Theory of Meaningful Gameplay”. Presentation at DIGRA JAPAN 2016 Annual Conference, Seijoh University, 2017.

“The Intrinsic Semiotics of Video-Games: In search of games’ narrative potential”. Amazon KDP, 2014.

“Ludonarrative Dissonance: Is Storytelling About Reaching Harmony?”. Academia, 2016.

“Ludophrases: Ludics before Mechanics”. Academia, 2016.


Game Design, Semiotics, Artificial Intelligence, Music, Ethics, Aesthetics


Frederic Seraphine


Game Design, Art, Music, Semiotics