Gordon Calleja




Institutional affiliation

University of Malta, ITU Copenhagen


Associate Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Player experience, immersion/presence, game narrative, space, imagination, game ontology.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“In-Game: From Immersion to Incorporation”, MIT Press, USA (2011).
“Incorporation: A Renewed Understanding of Virtual Environment Habitation”, Oxford Handbook of Virtualities: History and Heritage in Virtual Worlds, Edited by Mark Grimshaw, Oxford University Press, USA (2013).
“Ludic Identities and the Magic Circle” in Homo Ludens 2.0: Play, Media and Identity, Edited by Valerie Frissen, Sybille Lammes, Jos de Mul and Joost Raessens, Amsterdam University Press, Netherlands (2013).

“Erasing the Magic Circle” in The Philosophy of Computer Games, Edited by John Richard Sageng, Tarjei Mandt Larsen & Hallvard Fossheim, Springer Press, UK (2012).
“Narrative Generation in Lord of the Rings Online”, in Ringbearers: The Lord of the Rings Online as Intertextual Narrative, Edited by Tanya Krzywinska, Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Justin Parsler, UK
“A Labyrinth Devised by Men” in Cy-Borges: Memories of Posthumanism in the Work of Jorge Luis Borges, edited by Stefan Herbrechter & Ivan Callus, Bucknell University Press, UK, 2009.
“Digital Games and Escapism” in Games and Culture, Edited by Douglas Thomas , Sage Publications, USA 2010.


narrative, space, immersion, presence, experience,


Gordon Calleja


Literary Theory, Media Studies, Game Studies