Andreas Gregersen




Institutional affiliation

University of Copenhagen


Associate Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

I am broadly interested in games (and the various ways to study them), but my primary background is cognitive film and media theory, so I tend to see things in a formal-functional perspective incorporating game genres and grounded cognition. In addition to this type of work, I also do empirical work on games and gamers within what one might call mainstream sociology.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

Gregersen, A. L. (2014). Cognition. I M. J. P. Wolf, & B. Perron (red.), The Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies. (s. 417-426). Kapitel 51.New York: Routledge.

Gregersen, A. L. (2014). Cognitive Theory and Video Games. I T. Nanicelli, & P. T. (red.), Cognitive Media Theory. (s. 253-267). Kapitel 14.New York: Routledge.

Gregersen, A. L. (2014). Generic Structures, Generic Experiences: A Cognitive Experientialist Approach to Video Game Analysis. Philosophy & Technology, 27(2), 159-175


Simulation, representation, agency, experience, cognition, emotion, phenomenology, research methods, ontology, interdisciplinarity


Andreas Gregersen


Film and media studies, cognitive theory, game studies, sociology