Konstantin Ocheretyany




Institutional affiliation

Saint Petersburg State University


Senior lecturer

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Scientific interests: media reality, technical unconsciousness, epistemology of media, technological and ideological interfaces, screened sensibility, media configuration of corporality, body-oriented epistemologies, (ir)rational tactics of communication in media, webness of consciousness, hermeneutic functions of computer games, digital culture.

The logic of transformation of behaviour and thinking in the digital age is determined by the complexity and redundancy of information, the ultimate tightening of requirements for the use of human resources (attention, time, body discipline – concentration under the view of the Other). Information abundance turns into informational alienation. From an equal participant in communicative processes, a person turns into the parasite: from a subject of sense production into a carrier of information. The question about ethological corrections in the process of adapting to the new environment becomes up-to-date. A person responds to the challenges of digital reality by mixing its codes. It claims its existence as a source of interference. Noise, glitch, fake become for the new forms of digital existence the same as autorhythmicity was for analogue existence: transparent excitation waves passing through the primeval body and manifesting in rhythmic movements. Modern forms of autorhythmicity are supported by computer games – “new wildness”, which allows sacrificing time, money and goals and thus becoming master of oneself, reassigning the estranged and freeing itself from utilitarian and pragmatic meanings, discovering existence as such. Games become the archetypes of the newest media, oriented not to the storage and transmission of meaning, but to the disclosure of the modes of existence and the exchange of existential states.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

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Epistemology, games, technology, space and time in computer games, media philosophy, media reality, interface, digital humanity, network communication, symbolical forms.


Konstantin Ocheretyany