Margarita Skomorokh




Institutional affiliation

Laboratory for Computer Games Research


researcher & game designer

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My primary research interest is the aestheics of video games and digital aestheics in general. I view games as a medium defined by the intersection of interativity and digitality and investigate the artistic language emerging from this specific set of conditions. I am also interested in non-conventional games and game practices, such as notgames, zero-player games, masocore, goldfarming, in-game cyberformances, etc.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

Publication on the aesthetics of video games:

Performances in Online Games: Revisiting the Question of the Relationship between Video Games and Art // Midiaphilosophy X: Computer Games: Research Strategies. Saint Petersburg, 2014. С. 142–152.

Visual Ecology of Computer Games: the Gamers’ Optics and Side Effects Caused by Tuning It // Visual Ecology: The Development of the Discipline. Saint Petersburg, 2016. P. 346–365.

Algorithmic Aesthetics: The If Image as a Form of Resistance Against the Calculability of Code // The Criticue of Digital Reason. (In Print).


digital aesthetics, generative art, notgames, artgames


Margarita Skomorokh