Natasha Lushetich



United Kingdom

Institutional affiliation

University of Dundee, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design


Professor of Contemporary Art & Theory

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My research is in intermedia; Euro-American and Asian interdisciplinary practices from the 1960s onwards and their intersections with (continental and Japanese) philosophy; the status of sensory experience in cultural knowledge; and in complexity, disorder, and hybridity. My interest in (artistic) games is related to iterability, indeterminacy, flow, game dynamics, the relationship of game structures to play, theories of the event and time.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

Performative Disciplinarity in Alternate Reality Games: from Foucault to McKenzie and Beyond’ (2017) Inter Views: Conversations and Crossings in Performance Philosophy, Ed. Street, A. (Basingstoke, Berlin & New York: Palgrave Springer), pp.107-116.

‘On Game Structures’ (2016), a special issue of Performance Research, Vol. 21, No.4. Co-edited with Mathias Fuchs.

‘Ludic (H)activism’, Chapter 10 in Lushetich, Natasha (2016) Interdisciplinary Performance (Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave), pp. 213-231.

‘Ludus Populi: The Practice of Nonsense’ (2011) Theatre Journal, Vol.63, No. 1. pp. 23-41.


intermedia, artistic games, indeterminacy, theories of the event and time


Natasha Lushetich


Art and Media Theory, Cultural and Performance Studies