C. Thi Nguyen



United States

Institutional affiliation

Utah Valley University


Assistant Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

I am interested in discussions of the value of games, the discussion of whether games are an art form and what sort of art form they could be. I am particularly interested in accounts of what it is to play a game, and different values that may accrue to games.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy


My book, “Games: Agency as Art” is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. The first chapter is available, as a preview, here:


Many of the below publications are available at https://objectionable.net/philosophy/

“Philosophy of Games”, Philosophy Compass, 12 (8), 2017

“Competition as Cooperation,” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport
(44) 1, 2017: 123-37.

“The Forms and Fluidity of Game Play,” Suits and Games, ed. Thomas Hurka, forthcoming. New York: Oxford University Press.

“Games and the Moral Transformation of Violence,” The Aesthetics of Videogames, ed. Grant Tavinor and Jon Robson, forthcoming. New York: Routledge.

“Good Violence, Bad Violence: the Ethics of Competition in Multiplayer Games” (with Jose Zagal), DiGRA/FDG ’16 – Proceedings of the First International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDD, 2016.


aesthetics, agency, competition, violence, art, cooperation


C. Thi Nguyen


Philosophy, Epistemology, Aesthetics, Value Theory, Metaethics