Oliver Laas




Institutional affiliation

Estonian Academy of Arts


Assistant Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My research is focused on game ontology (theories of virtuality, freedom and responsibility in games), the methodology of game studies (semiotic methods in game studies, connections between game theory and game studies), and persuasion in/through games (rhetoric, ideology, and argumentation in games).

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

Laas, Oliver. 2017. “On Game Definitions.” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 44 (1), 81-94.
Laas, Oliver. 2015. “Contemporary Theories of Virtuality: A Critical Examination and a Nominalist Alternative.” Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, 19 (3), 314-357.
Laas, Oliver. 2015. “Would You Kindly Bring Us the Girl and Wipe Away the Debt.” BioShock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book, ed. Luke Cuddy. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 58-68.
Laas, Oliver. 2014. “Modern Action-Adventure FPS-s as Frankfurt-Type Examples: The BioShock Analogy and Its Limitations.” Presentation at the 8th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference: Freedom in Play, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, November 13-15.
Laas, Oliver. 2014. “Narratives in Digital Games: Their Place and Function in the Study of Digital Games.” Expanding Practices in Audiovisual Narrative, eds. Raivo Kelomees and Chris Hales. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 29-58.


metaphysics, logic, argumentation, ideology, persuasion, rhetoric, virtuality


Oliver Laas


philosophy, logic, semiotics, cultural theory, art