Olli Tapio Leino



Hong Kong

Institutional affiliation

City University of Hong Kong


Associate Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Phenomenology, existentialism, emotions, interpretation, materiality, performance

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

Untangling gameplay: an account of experience, activity and materiality within computer game play. In J.R. Sageng, H. Fossheim & T.M. Larsen (eds.): The Philosophy of Computer Games (Philosophy of Engineering and Technology). ISBN 978-94-007-4248-2. Springer.

“<∞ min to Oasis of Happiness: Promises of Freedom and Play in Pocket Planes", Philosophy of Computer Games 2014

"From Game Spaces to Playable Worlds", Philosophy of Computer Games 2013

"Understanding Games as Played: Sketch for a first-person perspective for computer game analysis ", Philosophy of Computer Games 2010

"Sketch for a model of four epistemological positions toward computer game play", Philosophy of Computer Games 2008


Phenomenology, emotions, interpretation, materiality


Olli Tapio Leino


Game studies