Patrick John Coppock




Institutional affiliation

Department of Communication & Economics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


Adjunct Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Games, gaming and reality; ethics and aesthetics of games and gaming

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

P. Coppock (2012) – Are computer games real? Process, Interaction and meaning in past, present and future possible worlds. (H. Fossheim, T. Mandt Larsen, J. R. Sageng (Eds.) – The Philosophy of Computer Games – Springer Verlag Dordrect, Heidelberg, New York, London (DEU)) – n. volume Volume 7 – pp. 259-277

P. Coppock (2010) – Amodal Perception and Hybrid Forms of Experienced Agency in Shared Multimodal Gameplay Space (G.P. Storari, E. Gola – Forme e Formailizzazioni: Atti del XVI congresso nazionale, Cagliari, 10-12-settembre 2009 – CUEC Cagliari (ITA)) – n. volume 07 – pp. 137-156

D. COMPAGNO; P. COPPOCK (2009) – Computer Games, between Text and Practice (print and online editions) Associazione Italiana di Studi Semiotici PALERMO (ITA)

P. Coppock (2009) – Conceptualisations and attributions of agency to co- and non co-present forms of otherness in actual, fictional, ludic and simulated possible worlds – LEXIA – n. volume 3-4 – pp. 315-337


Games, gaming and reality; ethics and aesthetics of games and gaming


Patrick John Coppock


Born in England, emigrated to Norway (citizen), now living in Italy (Bologna) – Psychology, Philosophy (Ex Phil), Applied Linguistics