Sonia Fizek



United Kingdom

Institutional affiliation

Abertay University


Assistant Professor / Lecturer

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My current work focuses on the relationship between games and automation, with a particular focus on the concepts of self-play, play delegation and interpassivity. I look at various examples of self-playing games (e.g. idle games, semi-automated simulations, art projects such as Emissaries by Ian Cheng) and modes of play, which do not require the player’s direct participation.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy


Fizek, S. (2018, forthcoming). Interpassivity and the joy of delegated play in idle games. Conference proceedings of British DiGRA 2017, ToDiGRA Journal.

Fizek, S. (2017). Człowiek i algorytm. Ku automatyzacji rozgrywki w grach crowdsourcingowych (Humans and algorithms. Towards the automation of play in crowdsourcing games). Teksty Drugie 2017, 3, (Second Texts Journal). Warsaw: IBL PAN.


Fizek, S. (2017). Interpassivity and the joy of delegated play in idle games. Presentation. Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, 28 Nov.- 1. 2017, Krakow, Poland.

Fizek, S. (2017). Idle Games to Display. From Interactivity to Interpassivity. Presentation. Digital Games Research Association Conference, DiGRA UK, 5 May 2017, Media City UK, Salford, UK.

Fizek, S. (2017). Games to (dis)play. Making sense of self-playing games. MIT Game Lab, 5 April 2017, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Fizek, S. (2017). “Idle” games on display. From interactivity to interpassivity. Flipsides. 31 Jan. 2017, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.


games studies, media studies, digital humanities


Sonia Fizek


literary studies, games studies, media studies, design