Stephanie Patridge



United States

Institutional affiliation

Otterbein University


Professor of Philosophy

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My relevant research is at the intersection between games and moral and political value, where I focus mainly on issues of race and gender.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

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2016 “Where Are All the Women? On Videogames, Gender, and Invisibility,” Just a Game? The Aesthetics and Ethics of Video Games, University of Kent, England
2013 “Moral Ambiguity, Interactivity, and Video Games,” American Society for Aesthetics: Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA
2009 “Ethics and Video Game Imagery,” International Conference on Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry, Corfu, Greece.


philosophy of games, video games, ethics, aesthetics, virtue, race, gender, feminism


Stephanie Patridge


Philosophy, Aesthetics, Ethics, Virtue Theory, Games, Race and Gender