Tomasz Z. Majkowski




Institutional affiliation

Jagiellonian University in Krakow


Assistant Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Having background in literary theory in general, and in Bakhtin in particular, I am interested in dialogical interaction between various aspects of the game itself and between game and it’s user. Also, I research carnivalesqe pleasures of video games, especialy grotesque image of the body, parodic properties of the games offensive content and joy of game violence. And there is hermeneutics and intertextuality I do in a spare time.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“Of Certainty and Authenticity” – Berlin 2015
“The Carnivalesque and Freedom of Destruction in Video Games” – Instanbul 2014

Publications. So far, only avaliable in Polish.

• Gry wideo i kultura autentyczności, Homo Ludens , Poznań, nr 1 (3)/2011, s. 95-102
• Gra wideo jako model dobrego życia, Kultura Zabawy, red. T. Paleczny, R. Kantor, M. Banaszkiewicz, Kraków 2012, s. 153-165
• Złote Runo:. Gra wideo jako doświadczenie interpretacyjne, Olbrzym w cieniu, red. A. Pitrus, Kraków 2012, s. 177-179
• Ciało Lary Croft. Parodia i gry wideo, Czas Kultury 2 (185),2015, Poznań 2015, s. 117-124


Bakhtin, laughter, parody, grotesque, hermeneutics


Tomasz Z. Majkowski


Literary theory, culture studies