Wu Yidi




Institutional affiliation

Shanghai University of Electric Power


Ph.D; Lecturer

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My research is to study computer games and their ethical values especially under the background of Philosophy of Technology. I am trying to explore and demonstrate computer games’ ethical problems based on their ontology from the point view of the internal mechanism of computer games as some kind of information and designed systems. More specifically, computer games’ ontology ought to be established in a various and fundamental first-order research and from different dimensions and research backgrounds: Game Studies, Game Design, Information Ethics (Norbert Wiener, Luciano Floridi, Terrell Bynum, James Moor), Philosophy of Information Technology, etc. After this, the second-order research, the ethical study of the philosophy of computer games, can be carried out from the view of Materializing Morality, Value Sensitive Design (VSD), Responsible Innovation (RI), etc.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

电脑游戏哲学研究综论: 背景、现状与展望[J]. 自然辩证法研究, 2016, 32 (11): 31-36.
从知觉现象学看玩家对游戏世界的介入[J]. 科学技术哲学研究, 2018, 35 (6): 123-128.


Philosophy of Technology, Technology Ethics, Ontology


Wu Yidi


Philosophy of Technology, Analytic Philosophy, Ethics