Guidelines for Reviewers of Submissions to the PCG Conference Series

The Philosophy of Computer Game conference series is an interdisciplinary meeting place for philosophers and theoretically minded scholars of computer games. The aim of the conference series is to explore philosophical questions raised by the study of computer games. It aims to pursue discussions about the general nature of computer games and their game play, as well as discussions that arise from their interrelation with technology, art, communication and social interaction.

The contributions from scholars in fields other than philosophy do not need to satisfy scholarly standards for traditional philosophy, but they should be directed at philosophical themes. Contributions must have an explicit focus on ideas and concepts relevant to traditional or emerging philosophical fields, such as ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics, political philosophy, epistemology, phenomenology, philosophy of mind or the philosophy of information. The discussion must be directed at our understanding of such ideas and concepts, rather than merely using them as tools for empirical analysis.

The reviewer should enter the role of a mentor and offer concrete advice on how the author can proceed to write a paper for the conference.

Keep the following points in mind when evaluating the submission:

  • Does it contribute to an existing discussion? Consider its significance and originality, as well its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Does it contain a clear statement of a thesis or argumentative strategy?
  • Does it adequately relate to relevant literature in the field? If not, what kind of literature should the submission relate to?

Please note that details about the submission and the review process is confidential and should not be shared or discussed with other people.