Video Recordings from PCG2015

9th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Berlin 2015

Keynote lecture:

Vx vs Rx (PCG2015)

Johnny Søraker


Keynote lecture:

Making Games, Making Sense (PCG2015)

Paolo Pedercini


World Withdrawal (PCG2015)

Mathias Fuchs


The Character of the Ludic Muse (PCG2015)

Daniel Vella


Isaac Unbound: Play as Ontology (PCG2015)

Adam Sulzdorf Liszkiewicz


Academic Game interpretation, a Defense (PCG2015)

Paul Martin


Ghosts of Present Past (PCG2015)

Justyna Janik


Three Types of Representation in Digital Games (PCG2015)

Pawel Grabarczyk


Spirit of Seriousness and Bad Faith, or, the Meaning of In-game Life (PCG2015)

Marta M. Kania


How to Approach Health Packs in the Wild: Meta-Ontological Reflections (PCG2015)

Ea Christina Willumsen and Hans-Joachim Backe


The Radical Productivity of Play (PCG2015)

Adam Nash and Thomas Kenney


Ruin Representations (PCG2015)

Emma Fraser


Seductive Play in Digital Games (PCG2015)

Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen


What is a Simulation of a Game (PCG2015)

David Myers


Black Skin White Guns (PCG2015)

Sabine Harrer and Martin Pichlmair


A Philosophical Approach to the Refugee Prospect Theory in Urban Open World Games by Merging Deleuze/Guttari and de Certeau (PCG2015)

Marc Bonner


Computer Games as a Philosophical Medium (PCG2015)

Jere Surber


Of Certainty and Authenticity (PCG2015)

Tomasz Majkowski


Who Should I Call if No One Shows Up to Pick Up the Dead (PCG2015)

Olli Leino


Between Autopoiesis and Neoliberal Self Fashioning: The Dialectics of Self-Construction in Single-Player Role-Player Games (PCG2015)

Feng Zhu


Self Transformation Through Game Design (PCG2015)

Stefano Gualeni


Panel “Doing Philosophy with Game Design”

Cunt Touch This (PCG2015)

Ida Toft


A Boat for Two (PCG2015)

Sonia Fizek


Necessary Evil (PCG2015)

Stefano Gualeni


The Concept of Travel (PCG2015)

Pietro Righi Riva


Modelling Society (PCG2015)

Martin Pichlmair


Panel discussion.