Video Recordings from PCG2016

10th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Malta 2016


Welcome & Opening Address (PCG2016)

Gordon Calleja, Stefano Gualeni, and Daniel Vella


Keynote lecture:

Games as the True Organon of Philosophy – On Schelling, Huizinga and Playful Ontologies (PCG2016)

Jos de Mul


Keynote lecture:

The Unreliable Philosophics of The Chinese Room (PCG2016)

Dan Pinchbeck


Keynote lecture:

Aesthetic Experience as Game Changer (PCG2016)

Katja Kwastek


Play, Effect, Reflect – A Phenomenological Study of Reflective Self (PCG2016)

Josef Florian Micallef


Puzzle About The Island – Multi Perspective Studies on Knowledge in The Witness (PCG2016)

Marc Bonner


Ludology is Strange – Temporal Experience in Gaming and Life is Strange (PCG2016)

Darshana Jayemanne


On Playful Ignorance – The Union of Opposites in Videogame Epistemology (PCG2016)

Adam Russel


What’s Zen About Zen Modes – Prajna Knowledge versus Mindfulness in Game Design (PCG2016)

Victor Navarro Remesal


Justice and Violence – The Study of Gameplay in the Infinity Engine cRPGs (POCG2016)

Mateusz Felczak


Glitched Perception – On the Transparency and Visibility of the Video Game (PCG2016)

Justyna Janik


STONE + LIFE = EGG Little Alchemy as a Limit idea for Thinking about Knowledge and Discovery (PCG2016)

Olli Leino


Responsibility in Silence: Player Avatar Relations in the Virtual Face-to-Face (PCG2016)

Kasper Guldberg


Yours Truly – Playing with a Personal Narrative Identity (PCG2016)

Johnathan Harrington


Analytical Gameplay and the Politics of Cognitive Mapping (PCG2016)

Feng Zhu


Of Human and Posthuman – Videogames and the Future of the Human (PCG2016)

Leonardo Marcato


Digital Games and Philosophies of Fiction –  Derrida, Knowledge and the Aesthetic Illusion (PCG2016)

Gordon Calleja and Ivan Callus


Mind and Body Expanded – The Aesthetic Paradigms of Video Games (PCG2016)

Stephan Günzel


A Theoretical Framework of Ludic Knowledge –  A Case Study in Disruption and Cognitive Engagement (PCG2016)

Peter Howell


Understanding Single Player Computer Games as Experimental Systems (PCG2016)

Sebastian Möring


Space Bites Back Agency and Archive in Gamespace (PCG2016)

Nathan Hulsey


Do Playful Systems Know That They Play? (PCG2016)

Michael Straeubig


Non Space in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PCG2016)

Francesca Borg Taylor-East