Video Recordings from PCG2017

11th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Krakow 2017


A Game Made From Other Games: Actions and Objects in Garry’s Mod (PCG2017)

Peter Nelson


Free-to-Play Games Between Good and Evil: the Case of Rewarded Video Ads (PCG2017)

Alesja Serada


(Re)Framing Computer Games within Agential Realism (PCG2017)

Anders Falk and Linus de Petris


On the Ontological Status of Musical Actions in Digital Games (PCG2017)

Costantino Oliva


On (How to Make Sense of) Virtualects (PCG2017)

Daniel Milne-Plückebaum


Action as the Basis for an Aesthetics of Ludic Subjectivity (PCG2017)

Daniel Vella


Shared Cooperative Activity, Shared Competitive Activity, and the Irresistibility of Something Like a Magic Circle (PCG2017)

Dooley Murphy


The Subject and the Form: Inquiries Into Formal Analysis (POCG2017)

Ea Christina Willumsen


Two Ways through the Looking Glass. Game Design as an Expression of Philosophy of Action (PCG2017)

Hans-Joachim Backe


The Ontological Status of Game Ecologies (2017)

John R. Sageng


Something Something Game Something: A Visual Approach to Game Definition (PCG2017)

Johnathan Harrington


(Re)weave the Gameplay. Analysis of the Spatial Textures in Yandere Simulator (PCG2017)

Justyna Janik


Orchestrating the in-game agency. Towards the inaesthetics of the code in Doom 3 (PCG2017)

Mateusz Felczak


A Dialogue Concerning ‘Doing Philosophy with and within Computer Games’ – or: Twenty Rainy Minutes in Krakow (PCG2017)

Michelle Westerlaken and Stefano Gualeni


Do We Need Virtual Actions and Events? An Ontological Cost-Benefit Analysis (PCG2017)

Oliver Laas


Chaos at the Europoort: Materiality, Liveness, and Performative Action in Mundane Vehicle Simulators (PCG2017)

Olli Tapio Leino


Told as True. Diegesis and Diegetic Characters in Videogames (PCG2017)

Rune Klevjer


The Moral Status of Virtual Actions (PCG2017)

Samuel Ulbricht


Are Video Games Modern? — From the Aspect of the Conception of Time (PCG2017)

Shan-Chao Fu


Processes and Idleness in Europa Universalis IV (PCG2017)

Marcin Blacha


Fictionally Flipping Tetrominoes? Defining the Fictionality of a Video Game Player’s Actions (PCG2017)

Nele Van de Mosselaer