Video Recordings from PCG2018

12th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Copenhagen 2018


Keynote lecture:  Video Games and the Ethics of Fantasy (PCG2018)

Christopher Bartel


Keynote lecture: Industry, Machines, Purpose – Three Themes for the Ethics of Play (PCG2018)

Miguel Sicart


Industry, Machines, Purpose – three themes for the Ethics of Play (PCG2018)

Roxanne Chartrand and Pascale Thériault


Regenerative Play and the Experience of the Sublime in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (PCG2018)

Gerald Farca, Alexander Lehner and Victor Navarro-Remesal


Principles of Procedural Hermeneutics (PCG2018)

Alexey Salin


Escape from C-D Road: On the Value of Boredom (PCG2018)

Olli Tapio Leino


The Cognitive Value of Videogames (PCG2018)

Alexandre Declos


Game/r – Play/er – Bio-Object. Exploring Posthuman Values in the Player-Game Relation (PCG2018)

Justyna Janik


Valuable Cannibals and the Concept of Power-knowledge (PCG2018)

Mateusz Felczak


Play and Ecstase: Sartre, Fink and the Existential Value (PCG2018)

Daniel Vella


Encoding the Symptom or the Cause? Values in the Design and Play of Computer Games that Represent School Shootings (PCG2018)

Peter Nelson


The Aesthetic Education of Computer Game Literacy and the Problematisation of Gaming Pleasures: Re-examining Schiller’s Ethico-Aesthetic Project (PCG2018)

Feng Zhu


The Pleasure of Turtling: Having Fun The Wrong Way (PCG2018)

Arseniy Deriglazov


From Rogue to Loot Boxes – Two Faces of Randomness in Computer Games (PCG2018)

Pawel Grabarczyk


Ethical Temporality: Refiguring Time as Political Speech in 13 Minutes and Bury Me My Love (PCG2018)

Darshana Jayemanne


Grand Theft Argument: The Problem with Paradigm Cases of Virtual Violence (PCG2018)

Rebecca Davnall


On Buddhist Frogs and Flower Arrangements: Actionability as Spatial Production in Friendship Games (PCG2018)

Johnathan Harrington


Towards a New Theory of the Concept of Gameplay (PCG2018)

Bo Kampmann Walther


The Aesthetics of the Aesthetics of the Aesthetics of Video Games: Walking Simulators as Response to the problem of Optimization (PCG2018)

Jesper Juul


Encoding monsters: ‘Ontology of the enemy’ and containment of the unknown in role-playing games (PCG2018)

Jaroslav Svelch


The Ideology of Play (PCG2018)

Gabrielle Trépanier-Jobin