Video Recordings from PCG2008

4th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Potsdam 2008


Ethical Reflection and Emotional Involvement in Computer Games (PCG2008)

Kirsten Pohl


Can Avatars Act? (PCG2008)

John Richard Sageng


Metacommunication and Metalepsis in Play and in Computer Games (PCG2008)

Britta Neitzel


Gameplay in the Zone of Becoming: Locating Action in the Computer Game (PCG2008)

Souvik Mukherjee


Différance at Play (PCG2008)

Yara Mitsuishi


Perception, Action and Gamespace (PCG2008)

Betty Li Meldgaard


The Rethoric of Persuasive Games (PCG2008)

Anders Sundnes Løvlie


Remarks on Digital Play Spaces (PCG2008)

Mattias Ljungström


There is No Magic Circle (PCG2008)

Michael Liebe


Landscape and Avatar (PCG2008)

Bjarke Liberiussen


A Sketch for a Model of Four Epistemological Positions Toward Computer Game Play (PCG2008)

Olli Leino


Who Made the Magic Circle? Seeking the Solvable Part of the Game-Player Problem (PCG2008)

Jesper Juul


Being in the Game (PCG2008)

Charlene I. Jennett


The Concept of War in the World of Warcraft (PCG2008)

Christian Hoffstadt


Interaction and Space in Computer Games (PCG2008)

Stephan Günzel


The Perception of Videogames: From Visual Power to Trancendental Interaction (PCG2008)

Robert Glashüttner


Pulling the Strings: A Theory of Puppetry for the Gaming Experience (PCG2008)

Eduardo H. Calvillo G


The Binary Myth (PCG2008)

Gordon Calleja


The Phenomenology of Video Games (PCG2008)

Ian Bogost