Video Recordings from PCG2009

5th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Oslo 2009


Keynote lecture:

Ancient Antecedents of Computer Game Fictions: Sports, Board Games, and Children’s Make-Believe (PCG2009)

Kendall Walton


Keynote lecture:

The Disjunctive Definition of Video Games Revisited (PCG2009)

Grant Tavinor


Invited lecture:

The Word Game: The Ontology of an Undefinable Object (PCG2009)

Espen Aarseth and Gordon Calleja


Keynote lecture:

No More Homo Ludens: Designing for an Ethical Player (PCG2009)

Miguel Sicart


A Dromology of the Videogame (PCG2009)

Alex Wade


Just Like Driving – Computer Games as Actual Practice and Objects of Presentation (PCG2009)

Rikke Toft Norgaard


Computer Games, Fictional Worlds and Transmedia Storytelling: A Narratological Perspective (PCG2009)

Jan-Noel Thon


The Moral Status of Virtual Artefacts in Computer Games (PCG2009)

Edward Spence


Virtual Entities, Enviroments, Worlds and Reality (PCG2009)

Johnny Hartz Søraker


Understanding games as played: sketch for a first-person perspective for computer game analysis (PCG2009)

Olli Leino


A Network of Intentionalities: Transitional-Synthesis and Narrative in First-Person-Shooters (PCG2009)

Jeff Rush


Simulation: Games, Art and Science (PCG2009)

Sebastian Ostritsch


 Work Worlds, Game Worlds and Performance Worlds in Videogames (PCG2009)

Aaron Meskin  and Jon Robson


The Age of Chosen Worldviews (PCG2009)

Bjarke Liboriussen


Model and Image. Computer Game Mimesis as Make-Believe (PCG2009)

Rune Klever


The Reality of Games (PCG2009)

Rasmus Leth Jørnø


Fallout 3 and Philosophy Amidst the Ashes (PCG2009)

Sarah Grey


Dual Wielding Morality: World of Warcraft and the Ethics of “Ganking” (PCG2009)

Stacey Goguen


Morality in Computer Games – A Phenomenological Approach (PCG2009)

Gert Gooskens


The Ontology of Interactivity (PCG2009)

Jonathan Frome


Nietzsche Contra Callois: Beyond Play and Games (PCG2009)

Dan Dixon


Fiction as Play: Reassessing the Relation of of Play, Games and Fiction (PCG2009)

Sebastian Deterding


Conceptual Blending in Computer Games: Integrating Fiction and Meaning  (PCG2009)

Marco Caracciolo


Is Thatgamecompany Bringing Computer Games Closer to Art with Their New Game “Flower”? (PCG2009)

Lill Eilertsen