Video Recordings from PCG2012

6th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Madrid 2012


Keynote lecture:

Game Bodies (PCG2012)

Don Ihde


Keynote lecture:

In-Game: From Immersion to Incorporation (PCG2012)

Gordon Calleja


Dumb People, Smart Objects: The Sims and the Distributed Self (PCG2012)

Jeremy Tirrell


I play, therefore I am (PCG2012)

Adam Rafinski


Cybersport 2.0: Legitimization and Ethical Dimensions of Videogames (PCG2012)

Sean Naubert


A Phenomenological Account of the Playing Body in Avatar Based Action Games (PCG2012)

Paul Martin


Ethical Advocates in Dragon Age: Origins (PCG2012)

Carolyn Jong


Believe and Be Live: Entangled Experience in Halo (PCG2012)

Tom Hehir


Generic Experiences (PCG2012)

Andreas Gregersen


‘In The Game’? Embodied Subjectivity in Gaming Environments (PCG2012)

Robert Farrow & Ioanna Iacovides


Virtual Worlds and Moral Evaluation (PCG2012)

Jeffrey Dunn


Virtual Pets and the End of the World: Studying an MMOG’s Closure (PCG2012)

Mia Consalvo


Zero‐player games ‐ Exploring the distinction between Games as Artifacts and Games as Activities (PCG2012)

Staffan Björk & Jesper Juul


Paidea in Ludus: The Aesthetic and Technical Experience in Computer Game Play (PCG2012)

Dominic Arsenault


Vishnu and the Videogame: The Videogame Avatar and Hindu Philosophy (PCG2012)

Souvik Mukherjee


Adventure as Art: The Aesthetic Value of Puzzles (PCG2012)

Matti Karhulahti


Through the Image – Framing Videogame Play (PCG2012)

Gert Bruinsma


Representation Through Regulated Interaction (PCG2015)

Alex Baker-Graham