Video Recordings from PCG2013

7th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Bergen 2013


Keynote lecture

Antinomies of Space: Philosophy – Culture – Games (PCG2013)

Stephan Günzel


Keynote Lecture

Fictionality is Broken- Ludo-Realism and the Non-Fictionality of Game Worlds (PCG2013)

Espen Aarseth


Keynote Lecture

Gotta feel the beat! Space, Time and Rythms of Play (PCG2013)

Allison Gazzard


Defining the Videogame (PCG2013)

Veli Matti Karhulahti


The Playing Fields of Empire: Empire and Space in Videogames (PCG2013)

Souvik Mukherjee


Representation and Virtuality in Computer Games (PCG2013)

Rune Klevjer


Operational 3-D Images as Interactive Knowledge Space (PCG2013)

Daniel Riha and Jaroslav Vancat


Landscape and Gamescape in ‘Dwarf Fortress’  (PCG2013)

Paul Martin


Esthetic Experiences of Digital Gamespace (PCG2013)

Patrick Coppock


From Game Spaces to Playable Worlds (PCG2013)

Olli Leino


Second Space: Mimetic Space in Second Life (PCG2013)

Michael Bourke


GWI: The Gameworld Interface (PCG2013)

Kristine Jorgensen


Understanding Player Interpretation: An Embodied Approach (PCG2013)

Jonne Arjoranta


Reality and Structure of Virtual Space: Some Lessons from Portal (PCG2013)

Jonathan Erhardt


Boards. The Place of Space (PCG2013)

Ivan Mosca


Being and Time (Final Fantasy Edition) (PCG 2013)

Gugliemo Feis & Jacopo Tagliabue


Postphenomenological Play (PCG2013)

Emil Hammar


The Wanderer in the Wilderness (PCG2013)

Daniel Vella


Developing Fictionally Immoral Attitudes (PCG2013)

Daniel Milne


Games as Landscape (PCG2013)

Christopher Nguyen


Evil in Virtual Worlds (PCG2013)

Carl David Mildenberger


Computer Game Space as Directional Space (PCG2013)

Anita Leirfall


Special Effectivities: On the Intersection of Spatial Knowledge and Bodily Skill (PCG2013)

Ian Jones